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VMware vCloud: Architecting the VMware Cloud V1.0

I just took a three days training nearby Brussels, Belgium and although I am quite excited with what can be achieved with it, I have some small things against :

  • The course itself.
  • What happened to me there outside the training.

The power cord “fun” part

The course, that my company bought from Global Knowledge, took place in Mechelen at something like 20 kilometers away from Brussels (Belgiums capital - this is important to say, you’ll see after). So, I had to take the road from Luxembourg to there right after my Spanish school class (9PM). After a good 60 kilometers of road, I just figured out that I’ve forgotten to take my Apple macbook pro power adapter.

The situation was simple for me: as I didn’t want to drive back to get it, I would certainly be able to buy a new one (Anyway, I needed one to be in my car, in case this happens again) there. It’s near one of the biggest city in Europe.

Arrived at the hotel, I searched for Apple reseller, and found those categorised in the “Buy a mac” category:

  • Folder Content

The next day, after class I decided to go for it. Result is the following :

  • EASY-M: they didn’t have one since one week, how impossible is that ? A premium reseller ?!
  • Photo Hall Mechelen: As the name says, they only sell TV’s and printers
  • VANDEN BORRE: Nothing but iPad’s there
  • HET COMPUTERWINKELTJE: Was closed one year ago
  • HOFLINE INTERNATIONAL BVBA: A house stand there, no shop on the horizon

I was really fed up after that, and went back to the hotel, worked with luminosity at level 1.

The day after that, I decided to go to Brussels itself. It took me 1h30 to make the 20 kilometers, and the shop just closed in front of me. At 0630PM !?

  • Fuu

Gone back to the hotel, and definitively gave up trying to buy a power adapter. Hopefully the instructor had one, and was able to refill my battery each noon when he wasn’t using it.

The hotel: St Martin’s Patershof

This hotel is located in an old Franciscan church. Taken from their website :

The building which houses Martin’s Patershof dates from the late 19th century and formed part of the Franciscan monastery. Members of the Franciscan order, the Friars Minor shared their history with that of Mechelen from their arrival in 1231. They were expelled under the French Revolution of the late 18th century, but Belgian independence and the state approval of the return of religious orders saw their re-establishment.

The construction of their new church, a neo-Gothic building, started in the Heihoek area 1867 and was completed in 1873, followed by the completion of the cloisters.

After the Second World War, the building underwent several renovations and renewals until the end of the 1970s, gaining new stained glass windows and mosaics amongst other items.

At the end of the 1990s, the Franciscans left their monastery and put it up for sale. The gardens and part of the cloister were turned into a residential development called ‘Patershof’. In 1999, the building was deconsecrated and then sold to a private individual.

Spring 2008 saw the beginnings of the metamorphosis of a heritage site in danger of extinction. Less than 14 months later, Martin’s Patershof opened its doors.

Here are two photos of the oustanding an breathtaking establishment (more available on their photo gallery ) :

  • External view of the hotel
  • One of the rooms

Talking about the training itself

For those not knowing what is vCloud director is, please have look on the description, and on cloud computing if you feel the need to. The content of the course I followed is available here. For those who doesn’t was to check the provided pages, vCloud permits people running it to make some magic tricks.

Complaints :

  • The course is purely theoritical, no hands on, but instead boring “labs” on paper. I was feeling that trying vCloud before going was already giving me 75% of the concepts.
  • The training contained 4 small labs, two for the first day, 1 for the seconde day. The last lab summarizes every other lab plus adds some notions about what was teached the very morning of the last day. The last lab alone would have been enough
  • The training was three days long, but there was clearly no reason why it took so long, two days would have been way way way sufficient.

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