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Bundled as VMware virtual machine

I discovered Owncloud some days ago and gave it a try. It’s a really promising thing and I decided to provide a ready to run VMware virtual machine, bundled in the convenient OVF Format, ready to import in your virtual environment !

What Owncloud is

With iCloud - Dropbox - delicious and others, some people got inspired by their possibilities, and gave birth to Owncloud, where all advantages are combined. An overview of the possibilities, taken from their website :

All your files in one place
Access your files on the web or access them from your desktop with file managers like Dolphin, Nautilus, Finder and Explorer. There are even third party WebDAV applications for Android & iOS so you can access and edit your files on your smartphone. Learn more
Simple, powerful sharing
We like to share things, so we made sure you can do that easily. You can share files with other users in your ownCloud instance or through a public link that you can send to anyone. Learn more
Edit your files on the go
With ownCloud, you can access and edit your documents in multiple ways. You can edit text files directly in your browser with the online text editor, or mount your files locally via WebDAV, viewing and editing them with the desktop apps you are used to. Learn more
Your music everywhere
Use the integrated music player to listen to your music directly from your browser. ownCloud also has an Ampache server to stream your music to desktop players like Tomahawk or Amarok. Learn more
Explore your photos
ownCloud features a photo gallery application to help, view and organize photos of different file types. Photo albums are automatically created for uploaded photos. Learn more
Sync your contacts
Just like calendars, your contacts can be accessed via the web interface or using other devices through the open protocol CardDAV. Learn more
Universal calendars
Manage calendars directly on the web. You can also connect your devices with applications such as Thunderbird, Kontact, and Evolution through open protocol CalDAV. Calendars and Contacts can also be synced with Android or iOS devices. Learn more

And so on … check here for more informations. Try an online demo.

Installation instructions

Even if there are Instructions to install on your own server, I took a step further, I deployed a virtual machine, secured it a bit, installed all requirements and setup Owncloud. I exported this virtual machine on OVF format, so that it could easily be importable into your ESXi server, or vCenter.

So, let’s stop talking, and give ovftool a shot to deploy the machine on your ESXi :

ovftool http://bkraft.fr/files/VMware%20Appliances/Owncloud-3.0.0/owncloud.ovf vi://username:password@esxiserver.yourdomain.tld

You can find files in the file repository if you want to fiddle with it.

Post deployment instructions

First step:
  • Configure your network by editing /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and /etc/sysconfig/network
  • restart network : service network restart
  • Bugfix: make MySQL start on default runlevel: chkconfig mysqld on && service mysqld on
  • point your browser to http://<this machine ip or fqdn>/ to access your owncloud installation
  • You won’t be able to connect using SSH to this server without adding one first via vmware remote console.
  • Default owncloud administrative credentials are : admin / admin
  • Root password is Owncloud300
  • Local MySQL database credentials are located in /root/.my.cnf
  • The firewall only enables incoming HTTP/HTTPS/SSH connections
  • The machine is running a fail2ban deamon looking at connection logs
  • MySQL Owncloud DB : ”owncloud300”, User ”OCwebuser”, Password ”Owncloud300
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Created the 2012-02-12

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Replacement notice


This virtual appliance has been replaced by a new version of the software.

refer to Owncloud 4 ready to run


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  • 2012-04-09 12:14:23 +0200: Bugfix Dan Walkes informed me that MySQL doesn't start on boot. Updated the first steps.
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