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Quick learning, meticulous, curious and pragmatic IT specialist.

Strong team player, I'm able to adapt myself to every kind of situations and am always looking forward for new technologies and in acquiring knowledge in other domains while perfecting my current skills is a key objective for me.

Personal information

Postal address
Benjamin Jean KRAFT
26, rue Paul Cézanne
57310 Bousse

Email address
benj at bkraft.fr
+33 638 806 743

Work experiences

System Administration team leader DATACENTER Luxembourg S.A.

Currently, one of the roles I fulfill is helping sales to size and calculate costs, and then create (conception, implementation, exploitation and maintenance of) tailor made architectures for customers and also for internal purposed projects.

As per my role as the team leader of four heterogeneously and high profiled system administrators, I split and assign the responsibilities of each project (and also the day-to-day tasks) in parts where each members of the team (me included, as it's a pretty small team) can express its strengths.

I consolidated the virtualization infrastructure by making the company switch the used technology from Xen to VMware, as it had the benefit of providing a centralized management solution of clusters using vCenter, bring more reliability, and a higher density of VM per host, massively changing the the return on investment factor.
The migration from one technology to another was successfully and seamlessly executed by the whole team.

By introducing Equallogics, other entry level storages and blade servers in the virtualization environment, I introduced the concepts of tiering in the VPS and dedicated Infrastructure environments, giving us or the customer the power to choose the resiliency and speed level of each mandatory brick that a project is composed of. What also comes with this is a greater pay-as-you-grow model.

Using these consolidated reliable bricks, I deployed the complete Luxcloud's Saas platform, contradicting the solution provider by massively cutting the initially calculated costs.

I also enhanced EuroDNS reliability and availability by adding a geographically separated loadbalancer cluster of name servers.

I was part of the team emitting a RFP for enterprise class storage where several leaders of the enterprise grade storage providers competed. After selection process, I then deployed, configured and integrated the selected Dell Compellent storage for delivering high-speed, resilient and scalable storage for Datacenter's public, hybrid and private cloud, as well as dedicated architectures.

During 2014, I helped the deployment of a very big security file sharing customer infrastructure, leading DATACENTER Luxembourg to be the biggest network operator in Luxembourg.

After successfully designing, implementing and managing infrastructures such as private clouds for customers, I am in charge of the deployment of a hybrid public/private cloud service for Datacenter Luxembourg.

Aug 2009 - Now

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Tiering SaasDell Compellent
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System Administrator DATACENTER Luxembourg S.A.

As system administrator, specialized on Linux, I had the responsibility of maintaining a bunch of 400 mixed physical servers, providing 24/7 managed services, mainly for mass hosting.
Then, with the introduction of a NetAPP san, I consolidated most of the physical servers using Xen, the virtualization technology provided by RedHat at the time. When doing the physical to virtual migration, I pushed hard to switch from Gentoo Linux to RedHat Linux, bringing the advantages of using a RedHat Network Satellite (centralized management, kickstart).

After successfully having managed the whole DATACENTER Luxembourg's infrastructure, I then gained the responsability of voipGATE's infrastructure, and after that EuroDNS.

I also implemented the migration of the current inaccurate monitoring system to a complex multi node nagios based monitoring.

Nov 2006 - Aug 2009

Related keywords
Monitoring Linux NetAPP
Xen Consolidation
RedHat Network Satellite
Nagios kickstart

IT Manager Synergies MSR GIE

I managed IT for three mid-sized (150 computers and 6 servers) companies in a multiple site environment, in constant growth. Consultant for each of the three companies, including specification, planning, cost management and achieving responsability of projects.

I Standardized of all computers, implementation of a fast computer deployment using a master. I did migrate windows 2000 servers to windows SBS2003 for email services and 2003 standard servers for file services.

Nov 2004 - Nov 2006

Related keywords
Management Mixed environment
Project delivery Fast deployment

IT Manager Interver Sécurité S.A.

My first experience was as IT Manager for a small sized company. I had to manage all 50 computers of the company.

May 2003 - Nov 2004

Certifications and trainings followed

Related keywords

RedHat certified engineer
VMware certified Professional
VMware vCloud director
F5 big-ip LTM equallogic
Certified on Dell Compellent


Master 1 (4 years IT degree) Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

Specialty : IT engineering and conception


Bachelor (3 years IT degree) Technical Institute, University of Metz, France

Specialty : System and Network administration, followed in after-work courses
Honours: promotion major


Superior Technician (2 years IT degree) High School of Schoeneck, France

Specialty : Industrial IT
Honours: Nancy-Metz academy major


Baccalauréat High School of Schoeneck, France

Specialty : Technical and industrial electronics


Technologies & knowledge

Virtualization Specialist Operation of hundreds of virtual machines running on heterogeneous virtualization public/private cloud platforms like VMware vCenter, VMware vCloud director, Xen Source, Hyper-V, KVM; Also providing Devops alike virtualisation based on docker and LXC. Designing, delivering and operating virtualisation infrastructures that provide speed while meeting (and sometimes helping customers to establish) business continuity objectives requirements (Disaster recovery plans, backup strategies).
Linux / Unix OS related Specialist

Administration, deployment and optimisation of Linux (Enterprise Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Scientific), Debian/Ubuntu, CoreOS ...) and BSD servers in order to provide speed and reliability for business critical infrastructures. This involves deployment of software solutions like DRBD clusters, GlusterFS clusters, Elastic Search nodes, Redis nodes, Nginx/Apache servers, Message Queue servers, and MySQL clusters.

The management of those server has been done for legacy reasons through RedHat Satellite, then Spacewalk; but now we're using Puppet server (don't be afraid, I'm familiar with Chef also ;).

Regarding monitoring, nagios, cacti and logstash are my day-to-day tools, but I also know Splunk, Munin, carbon/whisper/Graphite

LoadBalancing Specialist

Started for EuroDNS and voipGATE (and also customers) to manage several Linux/LVS servers and related software (Heartbeat, pacemaker, corosync, ldirector), I then got trained on F5 and migrated all virtual servers to our geo-clustered F5 LTM loadbalancer. I also deploy and manage virtual loadbalancing appliances (VMware vcloud network and security, pfSense, and Sophos UTMv) for small to medium sized infrastructures.

Storage Very strong knowledge

For years, I managed to run Datacenter's virtual infrastructure on top of a NetApp SAN and some homegrown commodity hardware NAS servers, but as the business grew, I migrated the infrastructure on several Dell equallogics. And now, I manage on a daily basis an enterprise class storage, a Dell compellent SAN.

Microsoft related Good knowledge

I started my career by managing small size (mainly) Microsoft based infrastructures. I then had to maintain and deploy Windows servers and services, migrate Active directories, Exchange and Sharepoint infrastructures to newer versions.

Linguistic skills

French Very good knowledge Mother tongue
English Good knowledge Good knowledge
German Good knowledge Good knowledge
Luxembourgish Basic knowledge Read and understood
Spanish B1.1 European level B1.1 European level